• Write about yourself or others!
  • Feel free to talk about your series!
  • Add comics, series, characters, and more!
  • Use your page to talk about any favorite characters, as well.
  • The badge obtained for editing each day for a year. Will you get it? (Why would you actually try)

Welcome to the Bitstrips Users wiki, where you can write about yourself, or your Bitstrips friend(s). Meant as a semi-formal post-mortem of sorts, feel free to write about yourself however you feel.


  1. I recommend to not take this too seriously. Pages don't need to be paragraphs long, just make them however you feel, and others can edit. But at least make the pages in an elementary level of English (correct spelling, grammar, punctuation, full sentences, so on).
  2. No biased articles, whether it's you or not. We don't want to make the little ones cry
  3. You can make a page on anyone, granted you feel like you can fill it out. Even a troll.
  4. Joke pages are not allowed until I think of a way to make them without ruining the actual pages people tried on.
  5. No pages on characters or series. Any information on these goes on the user who created them's page.
  6. No swearing, only because it's pointless, unless it's a quote. That said, you don't need to censor it, either. 
  7. No vandalism, I'll just block you without making a fuss about it, because this doesn't need drama.
  8. In the information template, you MUST use the photo of your Bitstrips avatar from your profile.
  9. All in-article images must be Bitstrips comics or characters. No unrelated photos or GIFs.
  10. Boommike's page must be the best because he's the true savior of Bitstrips

Honestly I'm bored so I made this I may regret this later

NOTE: I recommend making an account for this, as I'm pretty sure you can't upload images otherwise. I may make this mandatory, but I doubt it.

Making a Page for Your Comics

So your actual page isn't flooded. Up to you to use it.

  1. Know what your page is named (try to use your/the user's most known username).
  2. Make a new page, then name it "[your username]/Comics" (Example: Awesomesix/Comics )
  3. Make a gallery and add them however you feel fit; you can sort them by series, how old they are, up to you. Mature comics (sexual content etc) I probably wouldn't do simply because fandom rules would probably cause an issue.
  4. You can link it on your page, and also do this for characters, scenes, and so on.

Other Sites

Bitstrips Hints and Tips  

Has some other members on it, a lot of old things related to Bitstrips